Durable design: still possible?

A simple and good design can last and last. Consider the qualities of a BC Telephones operator’s chair from the 1930s:

Telephone operators (ca. 1932)

Environmentally defensible. It is made primarily of a renewable resource—wood—and is so durable that, after decades, it still withstands daily use.

Functional. Originally, at BC Tel, this chair fit a small space, swivelled so the operator could get in and out of a small workspace, and provided a place for the operator’s personal items. After it was decommissioned, this compact and strong chair continued to be functional in other settings.

Aesthetically appealing. I’m thinking of the wood, the form, and the chair’s history. This chair has only marginally been repurposed, because it still seats people as they connect to a telco service—formerly a telephone, now Internet access.

Can we still design objects that last as long as this chair has?

A wooden chair from a telephone operator “call centre”. The video shows the chair’s swivel- and coat-hook features.