Researching usability research

I’m conducting ethnographic research into how usability analysts regard usability research.

How will I conduct this research?

How will I conduct this research? I’m conducting a form of community-based participatory research, so members of the community—the research subjects—will help me set the questions or lines of inquiry and will influence the research methods. This is appropriate since I’m researching people who research—people who likely have a greater awareness of research epistemology and the range of methods that can be used.

Want to participate?

If you have conducted any usability research at all, and you want to participate, please contact me by commenting. (Look for theimmediately below.) These comments are private. I’ll be at the 2009 UPA conference in Portland this week, June 8-12, if you want to meet in person.

Replies so far: 3. I have slots for only 8 more.